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【Flake ice machine price】Talk about explosion-proof cold storage

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【Flake ice machine price】Talk about explosion-proof cold storage

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   Explosion-proof cold storage requires strict design, fineness, safety, etc. The explosion-proof mark is IICT4 explosion-proof level, which can be directly used in hazardous areas with explosive gases in Zone 1 for storage and transportation of dangerous goods.

   The box of the explosion-proof cold storage is designed according to the explosion-proof requirements of zone 0. The explosion-proof mark is ⅡCT4 explosion-proof level. It can be directly used in the hazardous area of zone 1 with explosive gases for storage and transportation of dangerous goods.

   The box products of the explosion-proof warehouse mainly have the following characteristics


 1. Good performance and low price. The leading integrated explosion-proof technology is adopted, so that the volume and weight of the explosion-proof system are only a few tenths of the traditional explosion-proof technology. The safety of its microwatt-level all-optical isolation intrinsically safe control circuit is several orders of magnitude higher than that of traditional technology, and the system is inexpensive.

     2. Reliable refrigeration system composed of multiple independent explosion-proof units adopts imported compressors and direct cooling methods of international leading technology, so the work is reliable and maintainable.

     3. The safety product adopts pressure and temperature multiple monitoring and protection technology to limit the maximum surface temperature: it can be shut down for protection in abnormal working conditions and leakage of airtight explosion-proof structure. At the same time, safety technologies such as anti-firing ground are used, so the safety performance is good. Users can also choose the upper and lower temperature alarm device.

     4. Flexible configuration The SMS-Z type uses an assembly structure, and the SMS-J is a container type. The user can flexibly choose the volume, number of units, installation methods and auxiliary devices, strong applicability, easy disassembly, movement, expansion and other explosion-proof cold storage. It is a full explosion-proof cold storage that adopts integrated explosion-proof technology and manufacturing; assembled explosion-proof cold storage and container-type explosion-proof cold storage.

      It is recommended that customers consult our company when purchasing cold storage, we will choose the best plan for you according to the characteristics of the goods you store.


      Shenzhen flake ice machine price and product detailed parameter information, please consult the service hotline for details:0755-23696779, we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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