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Working principle of refrigeration system of flake ice machine for food processing

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Working principle of refrigeration system of flake ice machine for food processing

Release date:2018-06-05 Author:Li Qiao Click:

Food processing flake ice machine is the huge heat generated in the process of processing and mixing of bread, biscuits, cakes, meat products, aquatic food, etc., need to use flake ice to adjust the temperature, in order to achieve the effect of freshness, to ensure product quality, is to use flake ice Cool down quickly to prevent fermentation.


working principle

After the flake ice machine works normally, the water pump draws water from the water tank to the water distribution tray. Under the drive of the reducer, the water in the tray is evenly sprayed to the inner wall of the ice bucket, and the ice layer is formed by the refrigeration cycle system, and the ice knife is driven by the reducer Under the ice, scrape the ice from the inner wall to form a piece of ice, and fall into the lower ice storage cabinet for storage and use. The unfrozen water flows into the water baffle, and then flows into the water tank to continue circulation, thereby achieving a continuous ice making process.


Working principle of refrigeration system :

When the refrigeration system works normally, the refrigerant (refrigerant) becomes a high-temperature and high-pressure steam refrigerant through the compression of the compressor, and then flows into the condenser to exchange heat with the outside world, releasing heat to become a high-pressure liquid refrigerant, which flows through the filter to filter After the pressure is reduced by the expansion valve, the temperature is reduced to the vapor-liquid mixing state, and then enters the evaporator, exchanges heat with the water on the inner wall of the evaporator, absorbs a large amount of heat, and the water drops rapidly to the temperature below the freezing point, and freezes instantly. At this time, after absorbing heat, the refrigerant evaporates into a gaseous state, and is sucked into the compressor to circulate, thereby achieving circulating refrigeration.


Brief introduction of the advantages of food processing flake ice machine

Food processing flake ice machine, advanced technology, good ice production quality, low ice temperature (up to -8℃ or even lower), dry, not easy to agglomerate, good fluidity, good hygiene, and freshness in similar products The product has a large contact area and is not easy to damage the fresh-keeping products. And has:

1. High ice-making efficiency and small loss of cooling capacity

The flake ice machine uses cold water to spray around to make ice. The entire evaporator fully contacts the water source and quickly evaporates to form an ice layer. The spiral ice knife quickly cuts off the formed ice layer. The evaporator and the evaporation tube are protected by a high-efficiency insulation layer. Small volume loss;

2. The quality of borneol is good, dry and non-sticky

The flake ice machine evaporator adopts a spiral groove structure design, which provides uniform liquid supply and high evaporation efficiency. The water falling on the ice bucket and the refrigeration working medium perform sufficient heat exchange to form a thick and dry ice layer, generally a thickness of up to 1.8 ~2.5mm, dry borneol is not easy to stick, which is convenient for users;

3. Rich variety, simple structure, small footprint

The flake ice machine has a series of fresh water type, sea water type, self-contained cold source, user-equipped cold source, and ice storage. The daily ice production is from 400Kg/24h-50000Kg/24h and other specifications. The user can choose the appropriate model according to the use occasion and water quality. The ice maker has a small size, simple structure, easy installation, small footprint and low noise. And other advantages, the use of the site is good.

4. PLC programmable control system, stable performance, arbitrary control

The flake ice machine adopts PLC programmable control system to realize the control, the running performance is stable, safe and reliable, the user can control the flake ice machine automatic startup and automatic shutdown period according to the electricity consumption, to achieve energy saving and automatic control.

5. Simple operation and high hygiene standards

The flake ice machine adopts fully automatic control, the operator only needs to press the switch to operate. The material of the evaporator is made of imported 304 stainless steel or carbon steel with high heat transfer efficiency and high efficiency, which ensures the super corrosion resistance of the ice bucket and the cleanliness of the ice flakes.

6. Perfect fault protection device

The flake ice machine is equipped with a variety of protection devices such as high and low pressure, water shortage, limit, overload, etc., which further enhances the safety and stability of the ice machine, allowing users to directly stop the ice production when the ice is not needed. The internal structure of the evaporator is simple, and the versatility of the components is high, so the operation is reliable. The maintenance is convenient and easy to maintain.


Shenzhen Sumstar Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.(referred to as " Sumstar Refrigeration ") is aprofessionalice-making equipmententerpriseintegrating R&D, production, sales, engineering installation, and after-sales service. Committed to the production ofice machines, flake ice machines, flake ice machine evaporators , fresh water |Sea flake ice machine , commercial |industrial flake ice machine,Ice brick machine ,Tube ice machine ,Flowing ice machine (Ice machine ), container-type ice-making system and all kinds of ice-making auxiliary equipment, product models ranging from hundreds of kilograms to hundreds of tons per day; the company is strong, hascomplete production equipment,complete inspection facilitiesand various professional Type talents, cancustomizevarious ice-making productsfor customers, provide a full set of ice-use solutions and corresponding construction services.




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