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Analysis of the common sense of ice brick machine-you ask me answer

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Analysis of the common sense of ice brick machine-you ask me answer

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 Ice brick machine supermarket flake ice machine

The ice produced by the ice brick machine in the ice machine mainly includes three kinds of ice cubes, snowflake ice and flake ice, which are widely used in cafes, hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals and other places. This article introduces several ice making Machine common sense issues.

(1). Daily ice consumption:

    Estimate the maximum daily ice consumption based on the daily ice consumption at peak hours in the place of use, and then choose ice machines and ice brick machines with different yields .

(2) What are the sensors of the ice machine?

    Condensation temperature, ice full, ice thickness, water level.

(3). Why does the ice brick machine in my ice maker keep feeding water all the time?

    The water inlet valve of the ice machine may be broken. You can test it: whether the line between the water inlet valve and the circuit board can conduct electricity, and determine which part is broken. Ice maker can make ice, but the time will be longer.

(4) How can the ice brick machine in the ice maker not freeze?

    First check whether the switches and knobs are in the correct position? If the above is normal, please check whether the refrigerant is sufficient? Has the heat conduction link been contaminated causing poor heat transfer?

(5). How to maintain and maintain the hotel ice machine?

    The first is to clean or replace the water inlet filtration equipment of the ice brick machine in the ice machine, and then clean the water tank, ice mold and shunt tube in the ice brick machine of the ice machine, as well as the water inlet valve and Drain valve cleaning. Secondly , it is very important to clean the condenser of the air-cooled medium ice brick machine . The last is the Freon pressure test of the ice brick machine in the ice machine.

Processing capacity : Sumstar has an independent modern production workshop, supporting advanced and perfect processing and testing equipment (lathe processing: horizontal/vertical processing lathes, drilling machines, milling machines; sheet metal welding: shearing machine, rolling machine, argon arc welding machine , Laser cutting machine, plasma cutting; detection equipment: welding flaw detector, thickness gauge, heat treatment furnace, pickling tank, dryer, etc.), the production process is precisely controlled layer by layer; various ice making can be customized for customers equipment;


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