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Shenzhen Sumstar refrigeration flake ice machine after-sales maintenance service scope and commitment

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Shenzhen Sumstar refrigeration flake ice machine after-sales maintenance service scope and commitment

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Service content :

1. Answer questions and answer questions. Answering users' questions about ice machine flake ice machine technology and related issues, helping customers understand the installation of ice flake machine, daily maintenance, and troubleshooting of basic glitches. Listen patiently to the customer's questions, answer the questions to the customer with a professional and responsible service attitude, and ensure that the customer can buy it with ease.

2. Technical guidance. Sumstar Company will provide users with technical consulting services for ice making systems, and provide a full set of evaluation opinions and related technical suggestions on the technical parameters, specifications, equipment configuration, environmental factors and other aspects of ice making machines. Help customers understand the structure of ice machine, production links and the formation process of product quality, recommend and design reasonable solutions for customers, and ensure that the solutions we submit can meet customer needs to a large extent.

3. Basic training. Free training for ice machine system operation, daily precautions, and training to solve common glitches.


After-sales service commitment :

The free warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the goods, and the warranty period is one year, with free maintenance and repair within one year. The free scope includes all maintenance costs such as spare parts, labor costs, and transportation costs required for repairs, as well as product training and debugging costs.

( 1 ) Provide telephone hotline service. If the user's maintenance personnel encounter any problems in maintenance or operation, they can call our company's after-sales maintenance service office 0755-23696779 to consult the after-sales personnel for related issues. If the related technical problems cannot be resolved in real time, our company will send personnel after the sale to the scene to assist according to the actual situation.

( 2 ) In any case, the user can contact our after-sales service department, will answer the user's questions in the shortest time, and solve related problems in a timely manner.

( 3 ) During the warranty period, we are responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of all the equipment specified in the contract, and free replacement and repair of any equipment or component damage caused by product design, installation process, materials, product quality and components.

Provide lifetime maintenance :

( 1 ) When receiving a call from a user to report a fault, if the problem cannot be resolved on the phone, our company can send a technician to come to the door for inspection, and only charge a basic fee during the period.

( 2 ) After the warranty period, if the failure cannot be resolved, the user can directly send it back to our company for repair. Our technicians will return it to the user in a timely manner after the repair, and only charge for basic materials during the period.

Other terms :

( 1 ) The maintenance service is only valid for the originally supplied equipment and the original installation location and users of the equipment. If the relevant equipment is reinstalled in another location, or the user transfers the ownership of the ice-making equipment provided by the contract, the user needs to notify our company in writing to re-evaluate the relevant service. Otherwise, the related maintenance services will be invalid.

( 2 ) The service does not include all failures or damages caused by negligence, carelessness, accidents, natural disasters, non-operation according to the instructions, incorrect use, and disposition of products in accordance with the instructions, nor does it include products and lost parts that have been self-reformed.

( 3 ) Any damage caused by repair, alteration or unauthorized changes to the system by persons not authorized by the company is not included in this warranty service clause.


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