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Ice maker manufacturers teach by hand, flake ice machine maintenance, extend service life

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Ice maker manufacturers teach by hand, flake ice machine maintenance, extend service life

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Ice maker manufacturers teach by hand, flake ice machine maintenance, extend service life


1. Nissan maintenance operation steps

Good maintenance and maintenance of mechanical equipment plays a key role in the performance and life of the equipment. The ice machine equipment should have special personnel maintenance management. The customer should pay attention to the training of new personnel after the change of maintenance personnel to ensure that the operation, maintenance and maintenance of the ice machine are carried out well, so as to avoid accidents and losses caused by misuse.

Nissan maintenance mainly includes the following items:

1. The appearance of the ice-making unit is hygienic and clean, such as the cleaning of the evaporator, compressor and condenser. Especially for the cleaning of air-cooled condensers, excessive dust accumulation can easily block the suction fins and cause the condenser to malfunction.

2. Clean the scale inside the water tank, the water distribution tray and the evaporator from time to time, which is very important for the sanitation of the produced borneol.

3. Check that the water pipe of the water diversion tray is smooth.

4. Check whether the lubricating oil level of the reducer is normal and whether the fixing bolts are loose.

5. Check whether the photoelectric switch full of ice at the bottom of the ice bucket is normal and needs to be in the same straight line.

6. The gear oil of the reducer is changed once a year.

7. Please clean the inner wall of the evaporator with soft cloth on average every two months. The water diversion tray, water tank, brine pump and water tank are cleaned every 15 days.

8. Air-cooled condenser is cleaned once a month.


2. Special maintenance and cleaning matters needing attention

Thorough cleaning and maintenance must be carried out by our maintenance personnel or trained personnel. When dismantling the ice machine, please place all parts, disassemble and debug according to the drawings. Care should be taken to empty the ice sheets in the ice storage cabinet during the cleaning process. Avoid contamination by cleaning agents. The cleaning steps are as follows:

1. Cut off the power supply.

2. Prepare the container to prepare the cleaning agent and purchase the algaecide to prepare it with water.

3. Pour the cleaning agent into the water tank slowly, and close the water supply valve of the water inlet pipe.

4. Connect the power of the machine, let it run for about 10 minutes, and cut off the power.

5. Then let go of the sewage, open the water supply valve to enter the water, then connect the power supply and clean it with clean water for 5 minutes to replace the sewage.

6. Pour the disinfectant into the water tank, run for about 5 minutes, and replace the disinfectant.

7. Finally, rinse with clean water, lock the water tank, and wipe it clean.


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