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Analysis on the classification of ice machine and the role of each accessory

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Analysis on the classification of ice machine and the role of each accessory

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Common types, working principles and electrical control of ice machines


1. Important types of common ice machines: commercial ice machines, supermarket ice machines , catering ice machines, snowflake ice machines , milk tea ice machines, industrial flake ice machines , hotel ice machines, bar ice machines , Ice machine for cold drinks, laboratory ice machine , hospital ice machine, household ice machine , seafood ice machine, cement factory ice machine, chemical ice machine, cooling ice machine, sea ice machine, ice machine Machine type, industrial ice machine, scale ice machine, cube ice machine , cylindrical ice machine, ice brick machine , plate ice machine, small ice machine, large ice machine, ice machine manufacturer, ice machine offer , Ice machine manufacturing, flake ice machine .


Second, the working principle of the ice machine  


⒈The chilled water pump of the water storage tank continuously circulates through the plate or grid evaporator;


⒉ After the compressor is in operation, it is suctioned-compressed-exhausted-condensed (liquefied)-throttled-and then evaporated in the evaporator at a low temperature of -10 to -18 degrees to absorb heat and vaporize. The frozen water continuously condenses into ice on the surface of the lower temperature evaporator at a water temperature of 0 degrees. When the ice layer condenses to a certain thickness, the refrigerant evaporation temperature reaches the temperature-controlled set temperature, that is, the defrost solenoid valve is turned on and the heat pump is often used to de-ice, and then the next cycle is realized.


3. The working principle of electrical control: Let me talk about the working principle of the ice machine. The circuit principle is based on the ever-changing work of the ice machine. *Stage ice making: working components include: compressor, water pump, and condensing fan. In the second stage, the lower the temperature of the ice to a certain thickness, the lower the sensor perception (there are several sensors: thermostat, thermistor, pressure controller (ice thickness and return air pressure is low), ice thickness sensor, etc. depending on your ice machine One), start the third phase of Huashuang (also called deicing off ice) Huashuang: working components; compressor, defrosting solenoid valve, water inlet solenoid valve water. (At this time, the water pump and the condensing fan stop) The fourth stage: Huashuang finishes the ice and the sensor repeats the stage after the ice falls. Repeatedly. After the ice is made, the ice-full sensor senses that the whole machine stops working.    


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