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      Processing capacity : Sumstar has an independent modern production workshop, supporting advanced and perfect processing and testing equipment (lathe processing: horizontal/vertical processing lathes, drilling machines, milling machines; sheet metal welding: shearing machine, rolling machine, argon arc welding machine , Laser cutting machine, plasma cutting; detection equipment: welding flaw detector, thickness gauge, heat treatment furnace, pickling tank, dryer, etc.), the production process is precisely controlled layer by layer; various ice making can be customized for customers equipment;

Talent advantage : Sumstar workshop employees are all certified to work, have professional refrigeration engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, decades of industry experience, and need to pass professional technical assessment every year;


Brand accessories : Sumstar product accessories are selected from well-known foreign brands, such as: German Bitzer/Blog, French Meiyoule, Danish Danfoss, American Emerson/Copeland, Italian Lefcombe/Castor/Embraco, German Siemens , France Schneider/Meiyoule, etc., can be customized according to customer needs;



Cost control : Sumstar implements a scientific management model, from raw material procurement to manufacturing, which has been standardized operations, reducing intermediate links and human errors, and reducing production costs;

After-sales service : Have a standardized and perfect service concept and service system, provide customers with comprehensive technical training, consultation, maintenance, and quickly solve problems for customers.


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Shenzhen Sumstar Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd

ad4.pngBuilding A4, Xufa Technology Park, Mashantou Community, Gongming Street, Guangming New District, Shenzhen
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