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Do you know that commercial flake ice machines can be used in these eight industries?

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Do you know that commercial flake ice machines can be used in these eight industries?

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1. Commercial flake ice machine used in dairy production

  In the fermentation process of yoghurt production, in order to control the fermentation time, temperature and humidity, to maintain the biological activity factor of yoghurt, temperature-controlled fermentation is to artificially use refrigeration to control the temperature below the normal fermentation temperature to obtain the desired quality . Adding proper amount of hygienic and clean flake ice is a good way to handle.


2. Commercial flake ice machine used in poultry processing

  With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for food hygiene are becoming stricter. Especially for food export enterprises, every production process has strict requirements. Poultry slaughtering countries require that the water temperature in the spiral pre-cooling tank should be controlled at 0℃-4℃. If the water temperature is only cooled by the chiller , it will not meet the national requirements, so in the actual production process, it must also go to the spiral pre-cooling tank Add a lot of flake ice to control the water temperature.

  3. Commercial flake ice machine is used to keep fruits and vegetables fresh

  Today, the food safety of chemically synthesized preservatives is increasingly questionable. The storage and preservation of fruits, vegetables, meat and other foods are gradually moving towards physical methods, and to maintain their natural quality to a large extent, safe, convenient, and low energy storage. . Physical preservation methods such as natural cold sources and wet cold storage are following this trend of development and are gradually recognized and valued by people. The wet cooling system is a method of accumulating cold energy through the flake ice mechanism. The low-temperature ice water is obtained through the mixing heat exchanger, allowing the ice water and the air in the store to transfer heat and mass, and obtaining high-humidity air near the freezing point to cool the fruits and vegetables. It can quickly cool the fruits and vegetables to the storage temperature and maintain it at the same temperature. At the same time, combined with the synergistic effect of ozone, the fruits and vegetables are kept in a low temperature and high humidity environment without being harmed by mold.

  4. Commercial flake ice machine used in wine industry

  During the fermentation of wine, the temperature continues to rise due to biochemical reactions. In order to control the temperature and time of fermentation, maintain the biological activity of yeast, and improve the stability of non-microorganisms, adding an appropriate amount of clean flake ice is an effective treatment method. .

  5. Commercial flake ice machine used in bread and biscuit processing

  In the process of making bread and biscuits, the temperature rise caused by friction will make the flour inactive, and the strength of the flour will decrease, which will affect the quality of the bread and biscuits. When stirring or re-creaming, use flake ice to quickly cool down to prevent fermentation. Use appropriate amount of clean flake ice for temperature adjustment, which will ensure the quality of the product.

  6. Commercial flake ice machine used in aquatic products processing

  Because ice can provide sufficient water and reduce the special physical properties of temperature, ice has been widely used in the field of deep processing of fisheries. Regardless of the development of the mechanical freezing system, it can only provide cold temperatures and not provide a humid environment. It is easy to air dry, dehydrate or even frost the fish surface, resulting in a decrease in the freshness of seafood, and only ice can provide The cooling environment can keep the seafood in an ideal wet state, which can not only prevent the seafood from spoiling and rotting, but also prevent the dehydration and frostbite of the seafood. Melted ice water can also wash the surface of seafood, remove bacteria and odors discharged from the seafood, and achieve the desired fresh-keeping effect. Therefore, a large amount of ice is used in the fishing, storage, transportation, and processing of marine fisheries.

  7. Commercial flake ice machine used in meat processing

  The flake ice machine has been widely used in the production of sausages and hams. During the rolling and mixing of sausages, the high temperature generated by the friction between the rotating barrel and the ingredients at high speeds promotes the growth of bacteria. It also changes the flesh color and taste, and will cause skimming (fat dissolution), making the sausage bacteria produced exceed the standard, the color is dull, the taste is hard, and greasy. When flake ice is mixed into the sausage ingredients, it will obtain rapid cooling and ideal concentration, maintain the color and taste of the product, prevent degreasing, and improve hygiene standards.

  8. Commercial flake ice machine used in supermarket fresh-keeping

  Ice is widely used in the preservation and display of seafood and fresh meat in supermarkets. Due to the dry and slippery surface of the flake ice, there is no scratch on the surface of the fish, maintaining the permeability of the underlying seafood, ensuring the original taste of the product, and preventing the loss caused by dehydration and hypoxia.

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