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50kg ice machine

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50kg ice machine

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  • Release date:2020/07/03
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                                Baby parameters

Model: XSC-80 Brand: Sumstar

Ice type: square ice Ice particle size: 22*22*22mm

Voltage: 220V Power: 400W

Daily ice production: 50KG Ice storage: 20KG

Condensation method: air cooling Dimensions: 500*590*790mm

1. The ice cubes are full, crystal clear, cool quickly, high hardness, not easy to stick into a mass, not easy to melt, and the ice output rate is as high as 80%

2. The machine is automatically cleaned for the first time after starting, and it will not be scaled after use for a long time!

3. The sanitation of ice cubes has reached the national edible standard, no matter it is a family or a fast food restaurant.

4.  R&D, advanced configuration, years of experience, 100,000 switch tests, still intact, let the majority of users rest assured!

5.  Imported accessories have high efficiency, quick ice making, and ice making takes only 10-15 minutes. Fully automatic system. The system will automatically shut down under full or no water condition, saving time and electricity!

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