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The working principle and characteristics of Shenzhen ice machine

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The working principle and characteristics of Shenzhen ice machine

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     The working principle of  Sumstar ice machine

The evaporator of the ice machine is a vertical vertical barrel structure, which is composed of the main components of ice making, the ice blade, the main shaft, the sprinkler tray, and the water receiver tray. Driven by the reducer, they rotate slowly counterclockwise. Water enters the water separation tray from the inlet of the evaporator of the ice machine, and the water is sprinkled evenly on the inner wall of the evaporator through the sprinkler pipe to form a water film; the water film exchanges heat with the refrigerant in the flow path of the evaporator, and the temperature decreases rapidly. A thin layer of ice is formed on the inner wall of the evaporator. Under the squeeze of the ice knife, it breaks into pieces of ice and falls into the ice storage from the water outlet. Part of the unfrozen water returns from the return water port to the cold water tank through the water receiving tray, and enters the next cycle through the cold water circulation pump.

     Sumstar ice machine nature and characteristics:

1. Large contact area and rapid cooling

Due to the flat shape of flake ice, it has a larger surface area than other shapes of the same weight. The larger the contact surface area, the better the ice-making effect. Taking comparison as an example, the minimum surface area of a ton of flake ice is 1579 square meters, and its type of ice, such as tube ice, can only provide 395 to 1,294 square meters of ice. Therefore, the ice making effect of flake ice is higher than that of tube ice and granular ice. 2 to 5 times.


2. Excellent food preservation

The flake ice is dry, soft and without sharp angles, which can protect the packaged food during the refrigerated packaging process. Its flat shape will minimize the damage to the object to be refrigerated.

3. Mix thoroughly

Due to the huge surface area of flake ice and the speed of its heat exchange process, flake ice can quickly melt into water, take away heat, and increase the humidity of the mixture.

     Sumstar ice machine selection

1.  Fresh ice consumption

The fresh ice table's initial ice consumption is  generally calculated at 100 kg per square meter . For example, a 2 meter long and 1 meter wide ice table has an initial ice consumption of about 200 kg.

2.  Selection of flake ice machine

With the total ice consumption, you can choose a custom-made ice machine, but in areas with peak and valley electricity prices, it is strongly recommended to use a larger ice machine to use brooding to take advantage of low electricity prices at night. For example, if the original 1 ton flake ice machine can meet the requirements, the 2 ton flake ice machine can be used . Only the low electricity price at night can be used to make ice, and the ice can be taken from the ice storage during the day. The initial investment can be recovered in the short term.


 Consultation phone number of   Shenzhen flake ice machine manufacturers : 0755-23696779 .


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