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Do you know what a flake ice machine evaporator is? Sumstar tells you

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Do you know what a flake ice machine evaporator is? Sumstar tells you

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Fresh water evaporator

The working principle of Sumstar flake ice machine

The evaporator of Sumstar flake ice machine is a vertical vertical barrel structure, which is composed of the main components of ice making, ice blade, main shaft, water distribution plate and water baffle. Driven by the reducer, they rotate slowly counterclockwise. Water enters the water separation tray from the inlet of the evaporator of the ice machine , and the water is sprinkled evenly on the inner wall of the evaporator through the sprinkler pipe to form a water film; the water film exchanges heat with the refrigerant in the flow path of the evaporator, and the temperature decreases rapidly. A thin layer of ice is formed on the inner wall of the evaporator. Under the squeeze of the ice knife, it breaks into pieces of ice and falls into the ice storage from the water outlet. Part of the unfrozen water returns to the cold water tank from the return water port through the water baffle, and enters the next cycle through the cold water circulation pump.


◆Sumstar flake ice machine adopts spiral high-efficiency evaporator, fixed static vertical design, the material is high-quality 304 stainless steel or high-efficiency thermally conductive Q235 carbon steel electroplated hard trowel , fully automatic protection welding equipment and heat treatment annealing furnace to ensure the high quality of the evaporator and performance. High ice-making efficiency and small loss of cooling capacity; the flake ice machine is equipped with perfect fault protection devices (high & low pressure, water shortage, full ice, overload, phase sequence), which further enhances the safety and stability of the ice machine and allows users When ice-making is not required, the ice-making can be directly cut off by power off.


The evaporator is the core part of the flake ice machine, and its quality directly determines the quality and service life of the whole machine;

What is good about Sumstar evaporator?

Core technology, strict control at every level, never cut corners, quality and quantity :

(1) Annealing heat treatment: eliminate the welding internal stress and ensure that the ice bucket is not deformed;


( 2) Polishing, pickling, and drying: remove welding slag and other magazines to ensure the refrigerant flow path and the entire refrigeration cycle system are clean;


(3) Welding flaw detection: to ensure that there is no damage in the entire welding process;

(4) Ice bucket thickness measurement: the roundness and processing thickness of the ice bucket will directly affect the amount of ice/production and the degree of wear of the inner wall of the ice bucket and the ice blade;


Sumstar flake ice machine evaporator is widely used in flake ice machine production and ammonia system ice machine and other occasions! Users only need to connect the evaporator air pipe to the refrigeration source to achieve continuous ice making, which is convenient to install and lower in cost!


Features of the core part of Sumstar ice machine

1. Skate: It is made of SUS304 seamless steel pipe in one molding process, which is durable;

2. Spindle and other accessories: high-precision processing using SUS304 material, food-grade hygiene standards;

3. Insulation layer: Imported polyurethane foam insulation is adopted, the foaming machine is filled, it is strict and full, and the insulation effect is good;

4. Evaporator size and installation direction can be customized according to customer requirements;

5. The material of the inner wall of the evaporator and the upper and lower bases can be selected at will (304 & 316)


Ice machine brand manufacturers

(1). Sumstar is a professional ice machine manufacturer, with good price and low price;

(2). Sumstar ice maker internationally renowned product certification: CE, SGS, BV;

(3). Sumstar ice machine has complete models and fast delivery speed: spot (0.5-2T), payment within 5-10 working days (3-8T), payment within 15-20 working days (10-30T) ;

(4). Sumstar ice machine after-sales service: 24 hours a day professional after-sales service, there are after-sales points across the country, on-site maintenance service in time. Inquiries: 0755-23696779;

(5). Sumstar Ice Machine Warranty: 18 months long warranty period, so that customers can feel at ease; nationwide warranty, lifetime maintenance;

(6). Sumstar ice maker can be designed according to requirements; product models, specifications, sizes, voltages can be customized according to customer needs, consultation telephone: 0755-23696779;

(7). Sumstar ice machine has long life, low energy consumption and low noise;

( 8). Sumstar ice-making machine produces enough ice, never false standards, quality and quantity;

(9). Sumstar ice machine uses internationally renowned and genuine refrigeration accessories, such as: Danfoss Denmark/ Copeland America/ Bitzer & Blog/ Hanbell Compressor in Taiwan, ALCO/ Danfoss Expansion Valve in Denmark, Castor Electromagnetic in Italy Valves, German Siemens/ French Snyder/ Korean LS electrical appliances, etc.;

( 10). The employees of Sumstar Refrigeration Workshop all bring certificates to work. Lathe workers, welders, electricians, and refrigeration workers all have more than ten years of work experience, and receive professional skills training and assessment every year!


Flake ice machine evaporator price and product detailed parameter information,please contact theservice hotline:0755-23696779 for details, we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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