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How much is the price of flake ice machine in small supermarkets?

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How much is the price of flake ice machine in small supermarkets?

Release date:2018-06-26 Author:Li Qiao Click:

Shenzhen Sumstar Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Domestic smallHow much is the price of supermarket flake ice machine , I believe this problem generally plagues the majority of consumers, you can refer to my previous article "How much is thesupermarket flake ice machine a factory direct sales price list", first make a preliminary understanding, this article We will givea detailed introduction to how much one flake ice machine affects domestic small supermarkets .


The range of the price of flake ice machines in small supermarkets is affected by a variety of external factors, such as the current market economy or internal factors in the enterprise, etc., then we will specifically analyze the factors that affect the price of flake ice machines in domestic small supermarkets. where?

(1) The problem of market demand

In addition to cost factors , the price of flake ice machines in       domestic small supermarkets is also controlled by market demand. In other words, it is affected by the relationship between the supply and demand of goods. When the market demand for commodities is greater than the supply, the price is relatively higher; when the market demand for commodities is less than the supply, the price is relatively lower. In turn, price changes affect the total market demand, which in turn affects sales volume, which in turn affects the achievement of corporate goals. Therefore, enterprises must understand the extent to which price changes affect market demand when setting prices. An indicator that reflects this degree of influence is the price elasticity of demand for commodities.  

(2) The production cost of products

       Because in the actual production process of the domestic small supermarket flake ice machine , the price of the product is set according to the cost, profit and tax. Cost can be broken down into fixed cost and variable cost. The price of the product is sometimes determined by the total cost, and sometimes it is only determined by the variable cost. Costs are sometimes divided into average social costs and individual costs of enterprises. As far as the market price of similar products in society is concerned, it is mainly affected by the average cost of society. In the case of full competition, the individual cost of an enterprise is higher or lower than the average social cost, which has little effect on product prices. Only when the price of an enterprise's product is set at the lowest limit and the price of the product is higher than the cost can the enterprise compensate for the cost of production and obtain a certain profit. But this does not exclude that for a certain period of time, the price of individual products is lower than the cost, so as to achieve the purpose of corporate profitability.

What are the factors affecting the price of flake ice machines in small supermarkets?

       1. Compressor

       It is very important to choose the compressor for the flake ice machine in small supermarkets. If the same refrigerator is used, the price will be much lower. If it is a brand-name compressor or an imported compressor, its performance is better guaranteed. The price is relatively higher. Therefore, when we buy a freezer, we must ask clearly which brand of compressor is used and how its performance is.

       2. Material

       The material is divided into plastic, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc. The material of stainless steel is better and the price will be higher.

       3. Capacity and size

       Generally, the larger the size of flake ice machines in refrigeration supermarkets, the larger the capacity, the larger the capacity, and the higher the price.

      4. Cooling method

       Refrigeration supermarket flake ice machine cooling has two methods: air cooling and direct cooling. The air cooling is fast and the effect is good, and there is no frost in the freezer.

       5. Pipeline materials

       The prices of copper pipes, aluminum pipes, and alloy pipes are different. The better refrigerator pipes use copper pipes.

       6. Temperature control system

       A good temperature control system belongs to electronic temperature control, with accurate temperature control and convenient use.

(3) Soft cost

       The factors that affect product prices are often soft costs, such as advertising expenses, internal management expenses, and other factors, especially the management level of the enterprise and the use of marketing strategies, which play a very important role in commodity prices.

       If the same type of supermarket flake ice machine has different production costs, different quality and different prices. Because the ice machine with higher cost generally has better quality, its service life is relatively longer. The cost of using highly efficient imported units like the Huayu Brothers ice machine, using copper tubes with very large evaporation area and using iron tubes with ordinary compressors is definitely very different.


       The so-called "neither freezing power nor energy saving can be reduced", which means that we must look at the freezing power of the ice cream machine in the small supermarket at the same time. Don't think that the smaller the energy consumption number, the more power saving, only freezing The best combination of power and daily power consumption can really bring you "saving". In the two-way parallel processing of freezing force and energy saving.


      How much is a small ice machine? 

       Domestic small supermarket flake ice machine price industry positioning is relatively chaotic, Supermarket flake ice machine manufacturers ,flake ice machine brands, immediately consult the information, or add WeChat: 13641465003 for more information.


Shenzhen Sumstar Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Sumstar Refrigeration") is a professional ice-making equipment enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, engineering installation, and after-sales service. Committed to the production of ice machines, flake ice machines, flake ice machine evaporators , fresh water | sea water flake ice machines , commercial | industrial flake ice machines , ice brick machines , tube ice machines , fluid ice machines ( ice slurry machines ), containers -Type ice-making system and various ice-making auxiliary equipment, the product model ranges from several hundred kilograms to several hundred tons per day; the company has excellent strength, complete production equipment, perfect inspection facilities and various professional talents, which can provide customers with Tailor-made various ice-making products, providing a full set of ice-use solutions and corresponding construction services.




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