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How should milk tea shop choose ice machine?

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How should milk tea shop choose ice machine?

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As an increasingly popular equipment for imperial tea, water bar shops, and catering after kitchens, ice machine quality stability and reliability are very important to operators. Choosing a good equipment will be a powerful assistant for the shop. No worry, no effort, safe operation. I purchased a relatively inferior workshop-like factory production equipment, the machine consistency and stability are poor, and the after-sales cannot be effectively guaranteed. The store has no matter how good the flow and business can only be sighed. The following is a small series to share with the majority of operators on the most common non-ice problems of ice machines in small-scale water bars and restaurants:


1. The compressor selection at the heart of the ice maker is not good: the low-cost and low-quality ice maker uses a three-wire brand aluminum wire compressor for matching. The compressor has poor starting performance, narrow voltage application range, and operating climate conditions. narrow. In remote areas or during peak electricity consumption in summer, when the voltage is lower than 200V, the compressor trips and does not work, and the ice maker cannot make ice normally. In summer, when the temperature exceeds 40 degrees, the compressor's large operating load also causes the trip to not work. At present, the leading brands of compressors in the domestic industry are Dongbei, Embraco, and Gasibella, etc., which can be suitable for the operation requirements of wide voltage and wide climate zone. Dongbei compressor is currently ranked first in domestic production and sales in the same industry, and the export volume It also ranks first in the industry. The company has accumulated 50 years of professional refrigeration experience. The compressor operates at a wide voltage and has good startability. The Dongbei IKX168, IKK228 and other series ice machines equipped with its subsidiaries also use original compressors. Reliable operation in hot summer and areas with severe power conditions.


2. The ice-making machine control failure caused no ice making: the ice-making machine is used in the water bar shop or the back kitchen operation area. The erosion of water, oil, smoke and electromagnetic interference of high-power processing equipment are the direct killers of the electric control board. In this kind of working environment, if the electric control board is used for a long time, moisture and oil fumes will cause the local circuit short circuit work of the electric control board to fail, and the components will burn out; the electromagnetic waves emitted by the high-power cooking machine and electric equipment will also interfere with the electronic control components. Operation makes the work invalid and abnormal, resulting in shutdown failure without ice making. At present, low-end ice machines in the industry are generally used as low-cost single panels and accessories. They are directly installed in the machine without moisture and dust treatment, and a flame retardant dust cover box is added to the end of the electric control board. In order to ensure the use of a double-panel moisture-proof processing board under these conditions, a better ice-making machine is equipped with a flame-retardant and dust-proof cover on the electronic control board to prevent dust and oil corrosion. All electrical components have undergone strict anti-interference and electromagnetic wave tests Leave the factory.



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